Friday, February 5, 2010

More VENTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SNOW ICE and SNOW! For the last 2 or 3 weeks the lazy ass CNA has gotten by with doing nothing but vitals, excuse me it doesn't take 8 hours to get vitals. She just stands around running that mouth. Today I ask her nicely ( against my better judgement) if while I shower a patient would she change her bed so I could put the patient back in the bed as soon as I got done with the shower, it was 15 till 11:00 her comment was I leave at 11:00 ok so u have 15 mins u could make 3 beds in that time anyway I go shower the patient and when I get back to the room bed not made I went off she had already left but I let the CHARGE NURSE know about it ( like that is gonna help) I'll tell u I am getting soooo sick and tired of her standing around doing nothing while I work my ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have went to the nursing supervisor and charge nurses over and over again nothing changes. I am gonna come in one day and go CNA on them thats like going postal and shooting everything and everyone LOL. does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve my problem???????? please let me know if you do.


LivingDeadNurse said...

i am telling you...bide your time...she is on her way out the door...she is hanging herself..more going on...waiting till she comes off light duty...k hang in there

Mejis said...

Just keep telling the bosses about her. If she gets enough complaints against her they'll have to do something.