Tuesday, March 30, 2010


1st of all whats is up I work 7 to 3 inservice at 3 WTH i am ready to go home and it was all about how to hand out food trays excuse me how hard is that you take it to them and they eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd I have 3 internet connections in my house and some how my teen wants the one i am on what is up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
nobody wants on the phone untilli am on it my man on the house phone my teen on the cell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Monday, March 29, 2010

National Slap Your In-Law Day

National Slap your In-Law day What an awesome idea brought to you by Mejis- please click here to play I think there should be a National Slap Your In-Laws Day. It would be a day for all those poor people (like me) to unleash all their pent up aggression on their mother and/or father-in-law for all the crap you have to take off of, not only them, but their offspring that you are stuck living with as well.Since we cannot actually slap here’s a cyber slap

my Fatherinlaw called mr a BITCH at my daughters softball game right there infront of everyone my man was standing right there did nothing


Motherinlaw keeps buying my daughter things I cant afford to buy her makes me look like shit


And as you have already said if they would of taught thier offspring to pick up after hisself man would my life be easier seems thats all i do clean up after him wash his cloths and feed him could his mom of taught him to do that for hisself


Also I have a brother in law who will not keep his nose out of our lives

big cyber slap to him

I just hope my daughter gets enough about how to treat the people you love and care about from me or theres gonna b more CYBER slapping

Thursday, March 25, 2010

W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

k working my ass off today as usual we had 6 aids today thought i would get done at a descent hour but guess what................. Called to the administrators office couldn't believe it first time in 4 years been in there but wasn't that I was in trouble wanted to know my thoughts on a pressure ulcer K Rn's in there, wound specialist there. social worker there and u have to ask the CNA what to do??????? Sorry but there is something wrong with this................Not sure what it was all about but something just isn't right when you have all these qualified people on the subject and they ask the CNA . I was feeling like in a nice way they were telling me I was doing something wrong just come out and tell me so I can fix it I am doing my job the best I know.............. and if I don't know......................... tell me i will change it. Like I said W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah if we had enough help all the time things would b done differant but I do the best I can being STAFF CHALLENGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry this is short but just rambleing thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and as far as the incentive YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do my job dont need it to get everybody else to do theirs..............

Friday, March 19, 2010

oh hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

you know what i am so tired of everything love this blog though helps me vent .
Work is hell no help working short !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Husband is a ass always on me for something .
kids don't appreciate me ......
WTF !!!!!!!!
What am i suppose to do i have no idea ..........................
love this song
welcome to my life ................................
I'm not sure which way to turn or what to do to make everyone happy
but at least u all Listen and i have a vent thank GOD for that
I'm sure i will get over over it just over whelmed !!!!!!!!!!!!! ever feel that way lol I'm sure u do
I just want to win the lottery or something but i guess i i have to play to win lol
oh well wasted enough of your time thanks for listening till next time

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok so the good for nothing coworker seems to be doing better at getting her work done , just seems like we all never have time to breathe at work too many new rules and too many new pts always working short and i am over whelmed.
On a different note what is up with teenagers 4 hours at a time on the computer texting and on their ipod all at the same time I guess this generation should be really good at multitasking lol....
Seems like everyday is the same thing get up , fight with my teen to get ready, go to work (late again) work my ass off , get teen from school, come home cook something to eat, clean up , and go to bed all to get up the next day and do the exact same thing again . Not sure where time goes or why I'm soo tired all the time maybe I'm just getting old or wore out or something not sure...........
I think I might just run away......... somewhere where no one knows me .....its sunny......warm and free wow what a fantasy lol.
And this is my life not exactly what i expected it to be..................... but its my life.
Thanks for listening.Till next time..................

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sick and tired again!!!!!!!!!!!

Working the weekend always a joy especially when you're working short again. Families wanting their family members taken care of first well thats fine if all 10 didn't want them done at the same time. I am soooo tired of working short. But I do have to say the nurse on our weekend does help out and she really does care about the patients. And then when you come home to BOY YOU'RE In A GOOD MOOD from you're teenager that just makes your day complete. Since shes been home all day and done nothing but be on the computer and eat everything in the house. I love to blog cause thats the only out I have thanks for listening till next time..............................