Monday, April 5, 2010

When I get old..............

Already told my family I do not want to go to a nursing home but if they put me there..............
          I will be one of those patients who..........................
                      Lick my false teeth at the table after a meal in front of everybody else tring to eat
                      hit the call bell every 5 mins and dont want anything
                      you better make my bed as soon as i get out of it or else
                       need to go to the bathroom every 5 mins and do nothing
                       talk to u about when i was younger never ending stories
                        piss my bed so u will have to change it
                        scream for people who arent there and will never b
                         weigh 500 pounds so u cant roll me or get me up but you r expected to by your employer
                         dont talk to u so you have to guess at what i want
                          need water every 2 mins
                          cant see even if i can to feed myself so u will have to feed me
So note to my family u better not send me to that place or I will make it Hell on everybody...................

STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. What is up with telamarketers? If you call my house 3 times and I ignore u PLEASE do not call a 4th time cause by then you are gonna get your ass chewed......................................................
2. People who follow you way to close on the road better have good insurance cause i'm just looking for the right time to slam on my breaks........................
3. Why do we pay personal property tax on shit we make make payments on every month..............
4. To the people who make stupid comments..............
                                 You scare me
                                  You need to be in theropy
                                   you need Anger mangement classes
You know what if you didnt deserve for me to act the way I do towards you I wouldnt maybe you need to look at the STUPID things you say to make me act the way I do cause If you werent so STUPID u would b my friend and i wouldnt come off as such a BITCH...............................

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cyber slap

The rason I called this cyber slap is because if i did it in real life I would b in real TROUBLE........................

Why is it the harder I try the worse my daughter and Husband treat me.......................................

Its Easter right was gonna buy my Daughter a Easter outfit something she could wear to church but also wear ever day she was up with that till it interfeared with her FRIEND TIME and I went on my 30 min lunch break to find her something she was such a smart ass when I ask her I even sent her pictures via cell phone to see if she liked it......She did but i ask Whay size texted back she has no idea excuse me do you wear clothes everyday so what size do you wear her reply was uhh............... Ok i had 30 mins ..............

Slap the crap out of her smart mouth ..........................................................glad I was away from her

Husband out with friends wanted me to come over when I got off from work of coarse I had soooo much to do tomarrow is EASTER but I said OK came home showered fixed my hair and even makeup ( usually dont do either lol) got there didnt even say u look nice hi how r u or even how was your day ( Guess he didnt want to hear me BITCH about work) anyway talked to him about 5 mins about what he had done all day and he was off with his friends leaving me with the rest of them to make conversation about WTF I have no idea would of been a great time to get drunk then I would of had alot to talk about lol came home and now he has gone back without me not even sure what to think about that but I am glad to be home and Blogging.

Another Slap the holy shit out of him ..........................................
thanks for listening

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


1st of all whats is up I work 7 to 3 inservice at 3 WTH i am ready to go home and it was all about how to hand out food trays excuse me how hard is that you take it to them and they eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd I have 3 internet connections in my house and some how my teen wants the one i am on what is up with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\
nobody wants on the phone untilli am on it my man on the house phone my teen on the cell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Monday, March 29, 2010

National Slap Your In-Law Day

National Slap your In-Law day What an awesome idea brought to you by Mejis- please click here to play I think there should be a National Slap Your In-Laws Day. It would be a day for all those poor people (like me) to unleash all their pent up aggression on their mother and/or father-in-law for all the crap you have to take off of, not only them, but their offspring that you are stuck living with as well.Since we cannot actually slap here’s a cyber slap

my Fatherinlaw called mr a BITCH at my daughters softball game right there infront of everyone my man was standing right there did nothing


Motherinlaw keeps buying my daughter things I cant afford to buy her makes me look like shit


And as you have already said if they would of taught thier offspring to pick up after hisself man would my life be easier seems thats all i do clean up after him wash his cloths and feed him could his mom of taught him to do that for hisself


Also I have a brother in law who will not keep his nose out of our lives

big cyber slap to him

I just hope my daughter gets enough about how to treat the people you love and care about from me or theres gonna b more CYBER slapping

Thursday, March 25, 2010

W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

k working my ass off today as usual we had 6 aids today thought i would get done at a descent hour but guess what................. Called to the administrators office couldn't believe it first time in 4 years been in there but wasn't that I was in trouble wanted to know my thoughts on a pressure ulcer K Rn's in there, wound specialist there. social worker there and u have to ask the CNA what to do??????? Sorry but there is something wrong with this................Not sure what it was all about but something just isn't right when you have all these qualified people on the subject and they ask the CNA . I was feeling like in a nice way they were telling me I was doing something wrong just come out and tell me so I can fix it I am doing my job the best I know.............. and if I don't know......................... tell me i will change it. Like I said W T F !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah if we had enough help all the time things would b done differant but I do the best I can being STAFF CHALLENGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry this is short but just rambleing thanks for listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh and as far as the incentive YOU CAN KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do my job dont need it to get everybody else to do theirs..............

Friday, March 19, 2010

oh hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

you know what i am so tired of everything love this blog though helps me vent .
Work is hell no help working short !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Husband is a ass always on me for something .
kids don't appreciate me ......
WTF !!!!!!!!
What am i suppose to do i have no idea ..........................
love this song
welcome to my life ................................
I'm not sure which way to turn or what to do to make everyone happy
but at least u all Listen and i have a vent thank GOD for that
I'm sure i will get over over it just over whelmed !!!!!!!!!!!!! ever feel that way lol I'm sure u do
I just want to win the lottery or something but i guess i i have to play to win lol
oh well wasted enough of your time thanks for listening till next time

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Ok so the good for nothing coworker seems to be doing better at getting her work done , just seems like we all never have time to breathe at work too many new rules and too many new pts always working short and i am over whelmed.
On a different note what is up with teenagers 4 hours at a time on the computer texting and on their ipod all at the same time I guess this generation should be really good at multitasking lol....
Seems like everyday is the same thing get up , fight with my teen to get ready, go to work (late again) work my ass off , get teen from school, come home cook something to eat, clean up , and go to bed all to get up the next day and do the exact same thing again . Not sure where time goes or why I'm soo tired all the time maybe I'm just getting old or wore out or something not sure...........
I think I might just run away......... somewhere where no one knows me .....its sunny......warm and free wow what a fantasy lol.
And this is my life not exactly what i expected it to be..................... but its my life.
Thanks for listening.Till next time..................

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sick and tired again!!!!!!!!!!!

Working the weekend always a joy especially when you're working short again. Families wanting their family members taken care of first well thats fine if all 10 didn't want them done at the same time. I am soooo tired of working short. But I do have to say the nurse on our weekend does help out and she really does care about the patients. And then when you come home to BOY YOU'RE In A GOOD MOOD from you're teenager that just makes your day complete. Since shes been home all day and done nothing but be on the computer and eat everything in the house. I love to blog cause thats the only out I have thanks for listening till next time..............................

Thursday, February 25, 2010

its been a while.... Can someone tell me why some people(coworkers get by anything ;but if i did it i would get fired) that sorry CNA is off light duty but not pulling her weight not getting her job done and she gets mad when nurses tell her what to do and they just let her go unbelievable and what is up with a male nurse not wanting to do anything but tell u how to do your job and do his too. I know i am only a CNA but i work the same hall same patients everyday and he is just there occasionally I know what needs to be done on a daily basis and as far as him being a sorry butt yeah cant even take a man to the bathroom by his self excuse me his excuse before was not taking a woman cause hes a man lol that don't fly in this line of work anyway wish i could win the lottery and wouldn't have to worry bout it

Friday, February 5, 2010

More VENTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SNOW ICE and SNOW! For the last 2 or 3 weeks the lazy ass CNA has gotten by with doing nothing but vitals, excuse me it doesn't take 8 hours to get vitals. She just stands around running that mouth. Today I ask her nicely ( against my better judgement) if while I shower a patient would she change her bed so I could put the patient back in the bed as soon as I got done with the shower, it was 15 till 11:00 her comment was I leave at 11:00 ok so u have 15 mins u could make 3 beds in that time anyway I go shower the patient and when I get back to the room bed not made I went off she had already left but I let the CHARGE NURSE know about it ( like that is gonna help) I'll tell u I am getting soooo sick and tired of her standing around doing nothing while I work my ass off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have went to the nursing supervisor and charge nurses over and over again nothing changes. I am gonna come in one day and go CNA on them thats like going postal and shooting everything and everyone LOL. does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve my problem???????? please let me know if you do.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Wow! SNOW,SNOW,SNOW............... I love it. I was off this weekend. Thank goodness. Can someone tell me why a 12year old thinks she rules everything.............. No matter how hard I try to do things for her its never enough. All in all though I have had a really good day. Mostly cause I didn't have to work lol. I have watched it snow and ate everything in the house. Now that's it quiet and everyone has gone to bed i am really bored nothing on TV and i have 563 channels lol. Oh well that's all I have for tonight hope I can sleep been a really good day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bipolar Moment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1am can't sleep. Ever wish you were someone else............ I am so tired of life, work, kids and all of life. I am ready to just go beat the hell out of that big ol' tree in my back yard: cause i can. Everybody else in the house is asleep: wish I could sleep!

I am having a manic depressive moment I know it will all be fine in the morning but gotta make it through the night. It is way toooo quiet here!!!!!!!!!!! I am tired of fighting with bill collectors and working my ass off at work for nothing. No wonder I am such a BITCH. lol I LOVE my family they are my life and the only reason I keep going. I just wish there was a rewind for life HELL i would probably wear it out that was funny. You know being bipolar is crazy never know when things are gonna be really bad cause most of the time I can DEAL with life but tonight I am having trouble with that oh well I feel better now just talking bout it thanks for listening. Everything will be better tomorrow just waiting for the alarm to go off so I won't be alone. The quiet and being alone gives me way too much time to think about life and all like I said if I can just get through the night I know things will be better. Sorry I am having a moment but that's what this blog is for to vent and get it out thanks for listening will let you know how things turn out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mondays are HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fourth day of hell at work straight omg I really need to find another job or I am going to go postal at a nursing home. Monday 4 on the floor still hell bath, shower, change and get dressed not to mention the other crazy shit happenings. Patients trying to walk that cant, Shower, Shower Shower then help put in a catheter for a patient who had just had nuclear die put in her for a bone scan and the ER didn't care how it was going to come out. And get her up for therapy: she just had nuclear die and a catheter leave her the hell alone. Some people just have no idea and these people who have retired and come back part time wish she would either shut up and do her job or just stay at home. Then Aids going to the ER coming back with shingles is that not contatious but send her back to work yeah something else to have to worry about getting shingles OHHHH what a day glad im off tomarrow and it is snowing hope there is no school so I can lay in the bed late in the morning: oh by the way no one commented on my hair not being brushed today.......................

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sick and tired!

Okay today was Saturday the weekend that i have to work. Four on the floor, and the lazy bitch wasn't there today which was okay but what is up with old people thinking they can say anything and get by with it, you know, I work 6 days a week, working short and have a family. What the hell is up when a patient says first thing in the morning before she even gets out of bed"Did you forget to brush your hair this morning" I was like EXCUSE ME! of course i brushed my hair stupid! And it was Shit fest today everybody on my hall was having a BM oh well at least we had help and tomorrow i hope I look like I brushed my hair lol.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Okay my second blog. Worked today with Mrs lazy butt... She is gonna make me lose my job I am so sick and tired of people being soooo lazy I work my ass off as a CNA and she is no better than I am she conveniently is on lite duty hurt her back all she had to do today was get vitals and make beds omg how hard is that! Well must be pretty hard didn't get it done in 8 hours my beds were still not made when we left that is all she had to do I just cant figure it out HOW LAZY ARE YOU!!!!!!!! She was on the computer at the desk and I had to ask her to make one bed so I could put a patient back in the bed. Working short with people like this I think I would be better off drawing unemployment and keeping my sanity oh did i say sanity what is that exactly...........................

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ready to vent!

Okay my first real blogg it is all gonna be venting bout my job so get ready! I am a CNA at a nursing home we work short every day 14 to 18 patients a piece and we have one CNA ( if u could call that) that just doesn't cut it, always behind, never gets her work done, sorry as shit and i have to pick up her slack. Well my supervisor ask me about her and i told her, don't get me wrong i don't want anybody to lose their job but i am sick and tired of doing my job and hers too she never gets her baths done never answers her call lights and when we feed breakfast and lunch we get three or four fed to her one she is either really slow or sorrier than hell I just cant figure it out . Today she was off we had an ok day still short but didn't have to pick up her slack. Does anybody know how i feel when you have 18 patients to bath or shower and get dressed and ready for the day then you have to finish hers too when she has 8 or 9 left after you have already done your 18 that is bullshit to me. I have gone to supervisor after supervisor nothing getting done over this now she knows its me going to them over her and guess what i don't care if she knows or not i just hope i can be professional when she confronts me.Im not sure I can, see i have a problem with saying what i think and i don't think before i open my mouth when i am pissed off. Well i feel a little better now. Thanks for listening remember this is my first blogg. I hope it will get better with time.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hello everybody

Hello im new here my first blog