Monday, March 29, 2010

National Slap Your In-Law Day

National Slap your In-Law day What an awesome idea brought to you by Mejis- please click here to play I think there should be a National Slap Your In-Laws Day. It would be a day for all those poor people (like me) to unleash all their pent up aggression on their mother and/or father-in-law for all the crap you have to take off of, not only them, but their offspring that you are stuck living with as well.Since we cannot actually slap here’s a cyber slap

my Fatherinlaw called mr a BITCH at my daughters softball game right there infront of everyone my man was standing right there did nothing


Motherinlaw keeps buying my daughter things I cant afford to buy her makes me look like shit


And as you have already said if they would of taught thier offspring to pick up after hisself man would my life be easier seems thats all i do clean up after him wash his cloths and feed him could his mom of taught him to do that for hisself


Also I have a brother in law who will not keep his nose out of our lives

big cyber slap to him

I just hope my daughter gets enough about how to treat the people you love and care about from me or theres gonna b more CYBER slapping


taaurus said...

**big, Huge, MONSTER SLAP to my dear sweet, thank God EX-, mother-in-law**

LivingDeadNurse said... it

hate that ur mother in law does that with ur daughter...

Anonymous said...

omg I would have knocked your father-in-law out!