Monday, January 25, 2010

Mondays are HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My fourth day of hell at work straight omg I really need to find another job or I am going to go postal at a nursing home. Monday 4 on the floor still hell bath, shower, change and get dressed not to mention the other crazy shit happenings. Patients trying to walk that cant, Shower, Shower Shower then help put in a catheter for a patient who had just had nuclear die put in her for a bone scan and the ER didn't care how it was going to come out. And get her up for therapy: she just had nuclear die and a catheter leave her the hell alone. Some people just have no idea and these people who have retired and come back part time wish she would either shut up and do her job or just stay at home. Then Aids going to the ER coming back with shingles is that not contatious but send her back to work yeah something else to have to worry about getting shingles OHHHH what a day glad im off tomarrow and it is snowing hope there is no school so I can lay in the bed late in the morning: oh by the way no one commented on my hair not being brushed today.......................


LivingDeadNurse said...

good will have to clue me into the retiree...i wish they would hurry up already and get us some help. I heard that state wasn't happy with our help numbers so maybe we will have more help b4 they show back up in 6 weeks. I am keeping my fingers crossed. As for no school if those kids are out then they better let us out too for nursing it just wouldn't be the pics on your blog. Sorry i didn't check this out sooner...i spent the last 3 1/2 hours working on to bed see ya friday